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Getting rid of single use plastic in 3 simple steps

 “Single use plastic is 23 times more harmful than that of plastic which can be recycled multiple times”.

Taking into consideration the facts and results from various researches, the percentage of molecules affected due to single use plastic makes water, air and environment 6 times more poisonous . Hence the rate at which creatures getting extinct increased drastically. The air quality and natural resources depletion are by-products to that.

Latest news report shows the concerns of Canadian government as they planned to make the country plastic free by 2030 and banning single use plastic by Dec. 2021. At Present, only 9% of plastic used in Canada gets recycled while rest of the quantity end up landfills and in oceans. On an average 3 Million tons of plastic per year from consumption becomes waste.

It’s a high time when we all come together and do something for the mother earth or else the next pandemic may reach us soon.

So, How can we contribute to get the rid of plastics as much as possible?

e-Srot is not just a business, we have an objective, a goal to make the country plastic free. Following are the waysto be the part of this change:

  1. Replace Plastic bags by Organic Cotton bags: The impact of plastic is not unknown yet we use plastic bags due to the comfort as we never had something as convenient as a poly bag. To replace plastic bags, e-Srot brings a range of wonderful, convenient and 100% organic cotton multipurpose bags for your shopping, travelling and day to day needs.

We strongly urge you to pick the best alternate solution consciously. It’s perfect time to correct our mistakes and not to get into trap of reusable plastic bags again, which are being offered as solution at grocery stores as an alternative.

  1. Say no to plastic water bottles: With big brands selling mineral water in plastic bottles make it a dangerous by-product in which life saving water comes. We can say that on one end, we are saving our life by drinking water but murdering someone else by throwing the same water bottle. Yes, we cannot do anything about big brands but at our end, stop buying water bottles, instead use copper or metal bottles to carry and copper jugs or clay pots for home. These things are more auspicious and beneficial for health and can be a great alternative to your harmful plastic bottle.

You can get your health friendly water bottle and jugs from e-Srot. Click here to buy.

  1. Avoid buying synthetic fibre clothingthat not only contaminate water and air with plastic microbes, but also responsible for various skin allergies and breathing disorders. To help you avoid these hidden plastic sources, e-Srot brought 100% pure and natural cotton and wool scarves for you and your loved ones.

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