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Pashmina wool, Traditionally modern fashion | Know everything about Pashmina wool

India, the land of mighty glorious fashion and culture. The traditional, classical and modern fashion styles of Indian clothing brings an unmatchable trend. One such special and famous type of clothing material is the Highly rated 'Pashmina'. You too, might have heard about Pashmina wool, Pashmina shawls, Pashmina clothing and all other stuff.
Pashmina became a brand in last 300 years.

Origin of Pashmina wool

Pashmina, the fibre we get from Tibetian & Cashmere Goats. The land of Heaven called Kashmir is not only famous for its beauty, its winter or culture but also for Pashmina wool.
Kashmir during winter becomes a region for Tibetian Goats. Hence the locals comb or pluck them for their own use. And in this way, the market gets pashmina shawls, scarf and other pashmina clothing.

A story related to Pashmina

It's been said that the great Mughal Emperor Akbar was so fond of this Pashmina shawl that he named it "Parn-narm" i.e. supreme soft". The pashmina had impacted the colonial world too. Many European came in 19th century and tried to sell these into their Market.

Fashion Sense

pashmina wool in canada
Pashm makes a soft and long-lasting quality. While the Kashmiri Indian artist use their skills to create super fashionable trend setter designs not only for domestic but also for international market.
Women from all over the world love pashmina scarfs and shawls. And E-srot is trying their best to reduce the gap between the women and pashmina shawls.

Top 5 Pashmina scarf for all season

1. Pashmina Silk Paisley Border Elegant Fire Orange and Indigo Blue Reversible Scarf

The E-srot best seller variant from our royal indigo collection. Gives utmost superior look and feel which helps to raise confidence. Esrot pashmina scarf is a must have for evey girl.

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2. Pashmina Silk Paisley Pattern Gorgeous Black Base Multicolor

A perfect gift material scarf for your mother. With a traditional design of typical indian culture where mother's are treated as God. Every mother deserve this Esrot scarf.

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3. Pashmina Silk-Crimson Red Eggplant Purple Scarf

A typical crimson pashmina scarf for your daughter. A scarf your daughter may crave for and will keep with her for long as a sign of your love for her.

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4. Pashmina Silk Scarf-Happy Golden Glow

Summer special pashmina scarf with a wonderful and energetic design fills you with happiness and positive energy.

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5. Pashmina Silk Violet and Strawberry Pink Scarf

The evergreen Pashmina scarf by esrot for all the women of every age, choice and background. This is the best fashion choice to show off your class in today's world.

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All the Esrot products are fully organic and Eco-friendly. All these scarf are made from pashmina wool which comes out of the Tibetian Goats naturally. No wool is actually plucked from goat's skin. It is all naturally lost wool that we use for the scarves.

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