"Happy Environment, Healthy You”

Our motto explains our intensions in the simplest way possible. “Srot” means Nature as Source, and “e” signifies online platform for connectivity. Here at e-Srot, we are working effortlessly to connect you with the nature, to offer simple solutions to deal with complex problems such as climate change, environment pollution and health.

Sustainability, accessibility and affordability are the key pillars of e-Srot to create a happier planet for all of us.

At e-Srot, we promote eco-friendly products which have natural ingredients and generate minimal waste on the planet. Significant efforts and research are involved in sourcing the best quality of our products.

Our core mission is to provide the best possible solutions to minimize the plastic and chemical waste in our day-to-day life. We know that our planet is the source of all our needs, so it is time to connect directly with the nature. This will not only benefit our health and environment, but it will also support the artisans who are working hard to preserve the ancient techniques and crafts, and with that promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Founder & CEO: Vaishali Vajpayee (Ph.D.)

My journey started in a small town, Sambhar Lake in India. From childhood to my teenage years I lived a sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle. There was hardly any waste generated that was non-decomposable.

I completed my undergraduate degree at Sambhar Lake. Later I moved to bigger cities in India for higher studies. After that, I worked in South Korea, France, US, and Canada on various research projects. Slowly, I adapted to the modern way of living due to comfort and convenience, and as a result, plastic and packaged food became the new normal for me.

I realized that modern living is certainly convenient but it creates a lot of waste and environmental pollution. This can be avoided by taking simple and conscious steps. My Ph.D. in Chemistry and diversified research experience helped me understand the waste and find the best quality sustainable product alternatives to plastic and chemical ones existing presently, to reduce a load of waste filling up the landfills on earth due to our unconscious actions.

At e-Srot, we are committed to raising awareness about the importance of connecting directly to nature and providing authentic environment-friendly products available for a happy planet and healthy living.